1. What is an estate sale? An estate sale is the sale of personal property-furniture, antiques, collectibles, vehicles, jewelry, guns, lawn equipment and all household items.


2. How much does it cost? Our estate sale fee is commission based. Several factors determine the actual percentage including amount of preparation needed, type of items to be sold, etc. The average commission rate is 35% of sales.


3. How is my property left after the sale? All items are removed and the house is left secure and broom clean.


4. How and when do I receive my money from the sale? We will distribute proceeds to the estate executor 14 days after the sale at the latest. We accept credit cards and there is a waiting period for all electronic transactions to fund.


5. How is the price of the items established? Our team will perform close inspection of the items and based on experience and research through multiple alliance vendors, we research the items to establish current market value.


6. Do I need to be present during the sale? No, in fact we ask that family members do not attend the sale.


7. How will I know when to schedule moving or relocation of items? We will provide a detailed schedule of the entire process and we will stay on that schedule.


8. What if something happens during the sale and an item is lost or damaged? We are fully insured and accept responsibility for all personal property while under our security and control.


9. Should I sell the personal property before marketing the house? We recommend putting the house on the market before the estate sale. There may be some maintenance type work that needs to be done like pressure washing, painting, carpet cleaning to get the house ready to market. We are Realtors in TN and GA. The estate sale generates lots of traffic through the house. About half the time we identify the buyer of the house during the estate sale.


10. Is there a required waiting period to market the house in the event the owner of record has passed? It depends on whether the estate is legally required to go through the court probate process. You should contact an attorney with specifics on your situation. The personal property can be sold with proof of executorship authority without delay.


11. What about titled personal property such as cars and boats? You need a clear title and executorship authority. We sell cars, boats, tractors all the time for market value.


12. What about guns, coins and jewelry? We are very successful marketing and receiving high value for guns and jewelry.


13. Should I throw away some items out of the house? Use common sense. If it is obviously trash throw it away. If there is any question leave it for us to go through. Personal items should be removed such as personal photos, tax records, plaques. Most restroom personal items should be disposed of including drugs, personal hygiene products.


14. What if I don’t have time to go through and remove personal items? No problem. We will provide that service and retain photos and records for the family to pick up.


15. Will I be informed through the process? Absolutely. We provide personal communication through email, text or phone as is most convenient for the executor of the estate. We provide updates as we progress through the estate sale process.


16. Sounds good, what should I do now? Simply make a phone call to David Rose at Life Transitions & Estate Sales (423) 645 – 6652. We will schedule a no cost no obligation on site initial consultation. Either during the initial consultation or in follow up communication, we will provide a formal contract proposal and recommend a plan to satisfy the family objectives. Every situation is unique and we are flexible, user friendly and sensitive to the emotion and stress family members are feeling.


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